BAT are not syncing with my uphold account

Hello Brave team, I am brave user for the last 1 years but now for the last year October my brave rewards are not syncing with the uphold account . I already posted that issue several times here but get no help rather than waiting . So please update me whether this issue get fixed or not ? @steeven @Aa-ron ? anyone please reply.

I am having the same issue. I first contacted Uphold, but they told me to contact Brave instead. I recently lost access to a device that had a couple Brave browsers/accounts on it. I created two new browsers/accounts on my latest device and these two new ones do NOT sync with my Uphold wallet. Uphold told me that there is a limit to the number of Brave browsers that can sync with Uphold properly, but Brave doesn’t give us a way to manage this.

Please expose a way to help us Brave with this.

It’s not Brave’s fault. The four-device lifetime limit is set by Uphold, and there is nothing Brave can do about it.

Uphold said it was on Brave’s side. I even found an article somewhere on one of Brave’s pages saying they were “working” on a management tool so we could fix this. Unfortunately it had no ETA.

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I didn’t have four accounts linked to my brave I only use brave on my PC, but still, I face these problems.

Are you have any idea how to go through these commands if yes then please tell me ? How can i see my log status.

Do you know how to start Brave (or any other app) from the command line?

@moodcode If you don’t know how to use command line you can try going to brave://flags and switch Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging to Enabled. This would prompt a relaunch of the browser. After relaunch go to rewards page brave://rewards and then to brave://rewards-internals. You will be able to see the logs on “Logs” tab after clicking “Refresh”. If you see what you require then you can download and send these logs to the mentioned address.

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Hello guys, greetings, I am a photographer and I dedicated myself to photography a few years ago, I decided to be part of the brave community thanks to my followers who encouraged me with this idea. But I have a problem connecting uphold to Brave Publisher / creator. Previously I forgot my password to enter uphold and change the password and from there, I get that notification

I follow the steps “continue to verify”, I log in to my uphold account and all is well done, and in uphold it appears that it is verified correctly and synchronized

but I still get that notification in brave.

@Libertoreyes Please start a new thread in the Creators category. This thread has nothing to do with your issue. Be sure to provide all of the troubleshooting information in the template that will appear automatically when you start your thread.

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