Sync ads profile and wallet

Hi, looks like my brave wallet isn’t shared between my PC and phone, even if I sync, it only save favorites I think.

Also, I get 0 notifications for ads on PC (which is normal due to “no ads found for me”, but I just got one on my phone.
It would be nice to share profiles, I’d could get the same ads on phone or PC, or even better, have the same notifications, and choose if I want to open it on phone or PC (otherwise you could open it everywhere and get double rewards or more)

Hi @Syrius,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and for the request!

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I use several computers and I will also like to synchronize my profile.

I have my wallet synced on all 4 of my computers, easy and everywhere…except on the phone. Under ‘Brave Rewards’ in the three lines on the top right corner of the page, click the gear on your wallet, you can sync your wallet on the computer using a key word chain, just use the ‘restore’ on the computer you want it synced to… but sadly the gear is not on the phone version. You do have to use ‘Sync’ right above ‘Brave Rewards’ with your profile first. Anyone know how to make it work on the phone???