Brave Sync Tutorial?


Basically, I want to know how do I get my wallet onto a different computer and Android device?

I assume this is done via Brave Sync but I can’t find any steps on how to do this.

Sorry if this has been posted previously.

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@mattlee currently Brave Sync only sync your bookmarks across-devices. Wallet sync and other browser data sync is in the plan.


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Thanks @eljuno

Do you know when wallet sync is forecast to be set up?

I have changed computers and now I have to start fresh collecting brave rewards?



I too also tried Brave Sync thinking it would also migrate rewards from primary desktop browser but it does not.

Instead, I used the rewards settings screen and snagged the backup snippet and restored it on the other PC in my living room.

It doesn’t look like any of the settings were migrated, so basically, the Brave Sync is not as powerful as I hopped and will not be using it in the future. I hope it get’s another update that’ll properly sync everything.

I was under the impression this is what brave sync was actually for, but it’s not… for now??


@Brave-Browser-Fanboy :point_up:

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