Is it possible to synchronize the rewards between pc and smartphone too?

I have paired and synchronized bravebrowser from pc and smartphone, I see the favorites of both and the other settings, but is it possible to synchronize the rewards too?

On the pc they are about 2 usd, but from the smartphone I don’t see them and they don’t seem synchronized.

Thanks to who will answer me

Hi @docdot, there isn’t unfortunately. They are treated as separate wallets. Also, keep in mind that right now, there is a permanent limit of 4 devices/ wallets.

@saereV I think he is talking about the sync feature.

@docdot sorry pal, but the sync feature doesn’t sync the wallets

The Brave Sync team first focused on providing all of the popular sync data types that users have come to depend on, e.g. bookmarks, passwords, history, etc. The Brave team is working next on syncing rewards data. More to come soon!. Sync - FAQ


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