SVG elements will not display properly anywhere, even in the brave settings menu

SVG elements will not display properly anywhere, even in the brave settings menu.

  1. Open Brave Browser
  2. Open a Tab that has some kind of SVG element, such as brave settings
  3. To the left of “Settings” button and “Get Started” button, there is the default back quote or backtick character (sometimes even called left quote).

It should be a svg element, but its not properly rendered.

Version 1.31.91 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)

All elements that fail to load properly are svg graphics elements in the html code of the page.

I’ve tried reinstalling brave, clearing cache, still have the problem. I’ve tried multiple other browsers and none of them have that problem, including Microsoft edge, which would be the least portable browser on the system. Its only brave.

The browser is pretty much broken for me.

Still having the issue. Is there any hope with this? Why would the svg renderer break in the browser? What could cause that?

I don’t think I see the issue. Mind adding a screenshot?

What version of Windows are you on btw?

I’m on windows 10, and its brave with the only issue. Every other browser is fine.

OK, I see what you mean. Never seen this before, and doesn’t happen on my system. As a first pass I’d say try disabling Hardware Acceleration in Settings?

Do you mean hardware accelerated gpu scheduling? Its already off. Seems to be an issue with braves SVG rendering.

No, I think you’re referring to a Windows setting? I’m referencing “Use hardware acceleration when available” in Brave’s settings.

Well, it seemed to fix it. It seems the browser is failing to detect that its not enabled on the system. The other browsers dont seem to have that issue, so maybe we need to submit a bug report.

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