Something wrong with CSS rendering engine

Hi @Mattches, @steeven , @SaltyBanana yBanana and other Mods

I just want to share one weird glitch in CSS rendering engine in brave browser ,

problem - When we apply backdrop filter blur on any element the some weird behaviour by brave browser like it’s rendering half and on top and bottom corner there’s complete transparent instead of blur filter , i have seen this on many sites and then i have created a site for test it and yeah that’s true it is a really glitch i am sharing some example for better understanding

NOTE ** - The same glitch was happening on chrome also a month ago but now they have fixed it

for reference -

Well, I use Version 1.47.48 Chromium: 107.0.5304.91
and it looks like this there:

So it will eventually get fixed in Brave, especially knowing that Chrome was doing this and now it doesn’t.
I have to guess, Brave is still using the same Chromium/Blink version that displayed this wrongly.

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Not sure what I’m looking for; Testing from Brave beta; (Sheilds/Fingerprinting may affect this)

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Oh Hi @Emi thanks for the update and yes, exactly this is what it suppose to look like but it is not looking like this in my brave browser

you are talking about Version 1.47.48 i am on Version - 1.45.118 but still it’s showing up to date😂

@fanboynz have a look at this 2nd issue

I just have checked in Brave BETA and over there it’s seems perfect how it suppose to be

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