Suspicious internet connection blocked

Whenver i am using brave browser why such suspicious internet connection blocked (See Attached Image )

From 15:51 to 16:22 Brave browser was closed completely and now any suspicious connection showing. and after that i started using brave browser suspicious connection detected by Antivirus.

So @fanboynz @steeven Now please clarifiy why this happening Even i had latest Version of Brave browser.

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Not gonna lie that looks very dangerous since they all are different IP Addresses…

Can you provide me all the Browser History during that Time Period?

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i had just opened and browser was minimized and again more than 7-8 incoming connection again showing blocked.

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Yo dude, run a Anti-Virus Test. I do believe its a Virus.

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I already run but nothing found even i had completely reset my pc today only and more than 150 incoming connection blocked

Some of those look like Google and AWS IP addresses.

Not impossible for them to be malicious, but I think the greater likelihood here is that there’s a misconfig in your McAfee settings. Did you change anything from the defaults? Might try resetting it to default configuration if so.

I don’t know how to do that in your software, but it might be something like this:

Thnx @JimB1 @ItzMeRajat I contacted antivirus technical team they told that its normal whenever search on internet this happen

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Glad its all good, it was scary for me ngl tho

Yeah. My concern at this point is that those warnings will get real old, real fast. And ‘warning fatigue’ will set in and if something ‘bad’ really does happen, it will blend into all the spam.

I still think there’s a misconfiguration of the McAfee product, but that’s up to those guys to help track down. A product that continually notifies you over ‘normal’ traffic couldn’t possibly be a reasonable end state IMHO.

True, I would suggest BitDefender tbh…

I had a year of McAfee included with my new laptop but I just deleted it and got BitDefender, works good for me.

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