Malwarebytes reports Brave trying to connect to a fraud site

**Description of the issue: Sometimes when Brave starts I receive an alert from Malwarebytes that it has blocked an attempted outbound connection to a fraud website. The most recent alert says:

-Log Details-
Protection Event Date: 3/8/20
Protection Event Time: 9:08 PM
Log File: 8e9aa58c-61a2-11ea-b282-000000000000.json

-Software Information-
Components Version: 1.0.835
Update Package Version: 1.0.20414
License: Premium

-System Information-
OS: Windows 10 (Build 18362.657)
CPU: x64
File System: NTFS
User: System

-Blocked Website Details-
Malicious Website: 1
, C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe, Blocked, -1, -1, 0.0.0

-Website Data-
Category: Fraud
IP Address:
Port: 443
Type: Outbound
File: C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I don’t know.

**Expected result: I need to know: Is this attempted connection legitimate or do I have a virus? If the latter, what should I do about it?

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.4.96

Additional Information:

Hello @FiremanBob. If this can help I have Brave at three pc and have Malwarebytes at all of them. Until now, no one problem or conflict between my antimalware and Brave. Hope this helps.