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When can we have ads here in Singapore. I have been using Brave for quite sometime but cannot access the ads on the reward portion.

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@merlitolabio welcome to the community. Good news ads are coming to Singapore really soon. If you are using Brave Nightly on your pc or Mac, you should be able to receive ads right now.

That is a great news,I will be waiting,thanks…

You could download brave nightly. Ads in Singapore are available right now on Nightly. Would soon make their way to the official release channel

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Is brave nightly available is IOS store?

Nightly isn’t mobile and tablet OS.
So iPads, iPhones and android devices don’t have nightly. But your MacBook, iMac and window pcs and laptops have nightly.

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yes thank you, on going download…

How to work in this brave platforms