Brave rewards "Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region."

Would like to check if anything can be done if Rewards have not been launched in Singapore, would love to try out the browser very much thank you.

@shaokiatlee current supported regions for Brave Ads is US, Canada, Germany, French and UK. With more regions support is coming.

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Is it possible via VPN?


Please have patience. We’re adding new regions as fast as possible. :slight_smile:

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Where can we find an updated list of the supported countries?

We’re just getting started. Understandably, there have already been A LOT of people asking for when their specific region will be added.

Each new region will depend on ease and expediency of staying within their regulations.

As we add regions, I’m sure there will be announcement posts.

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I still believe that it would be very helpful if there was a web page where users could easily view this information and where it would be updated. The alternative might mean having to answer the same question over and again.

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Brazil, please :slight_smile:
Congrats on the awesome job!

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Venezuela. Please :pray::pray::pray:

Thanks for your great work.

In Europe most ads can be used across several countries due to the language used. Therefore, I guess that Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland can have similar ads like France. As well as Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can also be a target market of German ads.

Looking forward to being able to be rewarded in my region.


Hope that countries can be added ASAP, am very interested in the concept of being paid to watch ads, instead of being bombarded with them, would appreciate if we can do it via VPN!

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