Update to v71.68 if you are testing Ad Rewards with Uphold verified wallets on the Nightly Build

Dear Brave Community members,

Ad rewards deposits directly into your verified Uphold user wallet are finally here for testing! 2-way wallet FTW!!!

Brave is finally one step closer to making BAT rewards earned by viewing Ads go directly to your wallet. We have been working diligently while keeping our core promise of privacy, and are excited to have you test out our latest release.

So, if you have a verified user wallet and are testing our Nightly Build with Brave Ads, you may want to upgrade to a build that is v71.68 or above before midnight today, Sept 4th. With v71.68 or higher, you will see that your Ad Rewards will be automatically deposited into your verified Uphold wallet the moment you claim your ad earnings. – Perhaps you can use it to buy a slice of Pizza!!! However, we also sincerely hope you use your earnings to tip and support your favorite creators!

Note: In case you upgraded late, Ads Rewards will end up showing as grants like they do prior to v71.68 update. But not to worry, before Oct 1, 2019 those funds will be moved to your verified Uphold wallet.

Thank you.
The Brave Rewards team.


@alex - brave updated yesterday (4th), brave linked to uphold, uphold verified but still empty balance

edit : claim not yet appeared, lets see afterwards

Sounds great and I would like to give it a try, but my ads counter is still zero. Any clue, please?
I am using Nightly v71.68, I had my Uphold wallet verified and I am from Italy, which should be supported on the Nightly according to this post (Supported Region).
In fact my standard Brave browser is saying my country is not supported, the Nightly seems about right and all setted.
Thanks in advance and good work!

UPDATE : Do try to hustle on verifying your wallet with Uphold. The payout process should start around 5pm Pacific today (September 05,2019).


I got paid!

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I can confirm the same, earnings from august have been automatically (no claim popup appeared) to uphold account
@alex - what about earnings from previous months? when those will be moved to uphold?

Can’t tip on nightly v.0.71.69

On v0.72.3 and still 0 in uphold

Can’t verified wallet on nightly Version 0.72.6 Chromium: 77.0.3865.65 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

hi, I hope you can also make a Nightly build on Android pls!?? Bec we seldom use PC. So we can receive the tokens too directly to our wallet. Pls?! thanks!,