Nightly supported regions?

Hello all, newbie here
So I’ve seen this topic (Supported Region) talking about some new regions supported on the Nightly version, now including Italy, which is where I’m from; So I downloaded the Nightly, activated the Rewards program and the Ads setting, setted the roof cap to 5 ads/h and finally verified my Uphold wallet (confirmed).
Now, I used Brave Nightly for about three days but no ads were shown. I’m wondering, Is Italy fully enabled for this function yet or are ads supposed to be that rare to show? Perhaps am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the good work!

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Hello, it’s me again
I was just looking for an answer to my question and found this in the FAQs.
Is it possible this is my problem here? More specifically, is it probable that so few people are using Brave Nightly in Italy right now that no advertiser is interested to invest in Brave Ads?
If so, is there an estimated time for Brave Ads to be integrated in Brave Release?
Thanks again

Hello, it’s been a while
I know keep replying on my own post is rather sad but I don’t know where else to ask, as nobody seems to be talking about the regional thing; Also opening a new topic is messy and must be pretty annoying to both staff and users.

I’ve been updating the Nighlty, I’m currently on v0.72.11, but nothing changed. My ads counter is still at zero and the only thing happened is a bug on the Rewards box: Sometimes when I close and reopen the browser (1/5 ratio), Brave forgets I already have a local wallet, so I have to join the Rewards program again and again…

Other than that, is there any chances to be seeing ads soon on new regions? (Supported Region)

Hi @Volpe! Sorry for the slow reply.

It is possible that there are not enough ads programmed on the server side for the Italian region. I can check with the team.

Ahh, I see. So it’s like the FAQ are saying, there is no demand yet.
Thank you so much, at least I know I didn’t mess up with the setting or anything. I hope there will be some ads here too, soon
Thanks :slight_smile:

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still no ads in singapore