Supported region; cannot verify with Uphd


I live in Canada, my Brave account was verified with Uphold and I was collecting my BATs in my Uphold wallet. However, recently it got unverified (idk how??) and every time I try to verify it, it says “error: region not supported”. I have read threads and seen that Canada is one of the supported regions. Please advise

@ahmach98 Is your passport and/or other ID from anywhere other than Canada?

Hey. Brave isn’t using your passport. Uphold and Gemini need it for KYC/AML. You can verify with the above two Exchanges to withdraw BAT and cash them. In no way is brave asking you to share your passport with them. Cheers!

They don’t. They just get the information of what the wallet id is (where the BATs are to be deposited). If you still think they’re getting your data then stop using rewards, seems easier doesn’t it?

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