I am trying to verify my account but brave says that you are not in supported region. My question is "then how can I receive my brave reward"?

I am using brave in laptop also and that brave is verified with uphold. But in my phone I am trying to verify my account with Gemini and uphold but it’s saying that you are not in supported region.

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they dont care about you bro,in another post the guy said he seen his not on the supported region list anymore,then a member from the brave team sent him a message with the link to show him the unsupported regions, so these people dont care about their work bro,the guy already knew he was in an unsupported region,so my advice just be patient but look at other options coz youll never get an answer or a real answer it will just be a lot of words to say this,your excluded and we dont care about you or your country, thats all but they will say alot and give you useless information that his been sent to them and just use it as a template to waste time and then at the end of the day or month youll find you never solved anything and you never got anywhere so thats what it is for unsupported regions right now just keep looking for other opportunities

Until your region is supported or they add more alternatives, your only option is to keep accumulating the rewards in your browser.
Your laptop will eventually be disconnected and you will get the same message.

Unfortunately there is not so much we can do. Just be patient and wait until they come with a solution. It does not depend on them only, it depends on many other factors, mainly the different regulations in every country.

Keep accumulating BAT. You will not regret it when the new bull market comes.

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right now only one solution is left you can tip your Bat to youtube channel if you have other wise you can tip my youtube channel ( tech Guide adda ) is my youtube channel name i will definitely help you i transfer your BAT to your wallet address

hows that possible if you from india? thats not a supported region, dont scam these guys like that.

region not supporterd error occur only in your wallet but you can connect you uphold acccount in brave creator rerward

I’ve had that issue with uphold. I cannot log into my uphold account. But then I moved to Gemini verified and submitted docs and activated account there. then linked to Brave Creators page then after I forgot about it. One day suddenly all the BAT from there transferred to my Gemini account and now it is in my Gemini account.

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I think OP question is about receiving the earnings, not cashing out.

Currently, there are no claim Button arrived until now.

you can still receive the reward, look for the claim button.
Unfortunately, it will stay in your browser, you can’t cash it out in uphold/gemini since the region is unsupported. All you can do is tip it to brave creators.

Well, technically, you can send it to gemini/uphold by tipping it if you have your own verified brave creators account. BUT THAT WHOULD BE SELF TIPPING.

Yeah, I have checked I have not recieved any claim button.

that would be better that way for now anyway…
because there is an issue currently, where you claim but nothing will arrive.


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In my case, there is no claim button.
Just it is reflecting my July Brave Rewards will arrive in 1 days. Upto 8th of every Month

I have asked in other threads, but no proper answer yet:

As per latest update here: Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking - #5 by Evan123

Ireland is on the list of supported regions, and I still cannot get verified.
Uphold should be back online, and I can get connected to uphold itself.

But when on brave://rewards/ and trying to click to Log into Uphold to see your balance, I am still getting - Error: Region not supported?

Is there any other way to receive our rewards?
When will this issue finally be addressed?
Thank you!

You can’t receive it. You can look at it in your browser reward wallet though. Until eventually you are able to link it again.

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