Not getting Referral Link & Stats

Description of the issue: No referral stats & link seen when I login to my creators account

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. No referral stats when I login to my creators account.
  2. Not even getting the referral / invite link besides my channel.
  3. I have successfully verified kyc on uphold (almost 10 days back) & connected to Brave.

Expected result: Want to see referral stats & link when I login, & also expecting the community people/incharge to genuinely help.

Brave Version: 1.12.113 Latest version from Play Store.

Additional Information:

Email : g*********

I had asked for help since past days, & attached pics, but no support.

Here is the previous post (having pics in reply section): :point_down:

Please provide some genuine help, would be greatful.
@Aa-ron @steeven @Mattches @sampson


@ShineWhine Do you have any solutions ?
Community people not replying.

Sorry, I have no idea regarding this issue!

Be patient, wait for response from the staff team.

Also do not create multiple topics with same issue.


Ya, but what can one do, I was forced to do a post. They either see the post & don’t reply or don’t see the post only, I guess.
Even if they reply they will just ask your reg email & then again no response.
(Sorry, I just told whats happening :expressionless:)

I have heard somewhere that referral stats disappearance could also mean account suspended!

I’m not entirely sure, please wait for response from admins.

I’ll stop using only brave if so, I have referred only to 1 of my friends. What’s the use of community if no one looks into matter. Many people having same issue on top.

Sorry I didn’t meant to scare you. If many people having issue then they might be busy working on it.

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Haha, some problem I think with login in creator’s account.

You have issue login into creator’s account?

I faced this once, I just restarted the device and it fixed it!

No, I’m not getting the referral stats & link.

Hi @AkshayGaonkar19 - @Mattches has filed an issue with the BAT dev team to investigate what might be happening. Thank you for your patience!

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Okay, thanks. Hope it will be solved soon within days. @steeven

Any update on how long will it take to solve ? @steeven

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