I am a brave creator. I share (used to) share my link and earn some BAT but now my links are missing. What happened?

The creator referral program was a good way for me to earn some income. I recently added Gemini wallet (Fully ID verified) o withdraw but i am not able to see my invite graph or invite link. My friends and group members (I share content on Telegram and Discord) are still able to tip me. Please help me as i could really use the invite rewards. Forum moderators please leave a reply or privately message me and I will provide my email for troubleshooting!
Thanks :wink:

(Note: I privately messaged @steeven about this.

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Please DM the email linked to your account. There is no DM from you in my history. Thanks.

Hi steeven i sent a DM to you, please check it sir.

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I clicked your profile and hit message. And I typed out a reply. Is that fine. If not please tell me how to dm. I can just give you my email here if you would like

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