Suggestions for creating a safer and more focused browsing experience for students using filtering software like Brave's built-in ad and tracker blocker

Hello everyone,

I am looking for suggestions on how filtering software for schools, like Brave’s built-in ad and tracker blocker, can help create a safer and more focused browsing experience for students. With the ever-growing presence of technology in education, it is important to ensure that students are safe while browsing the internet and that they are not distracted by irrelevant content.

I have come across some web filtering solutions for schools like Lightspeed Filter™, Securly, WebTitan, and ContentKeeper. However, I am interested in hearing from those who have experience using these or other similar solutions. What features have you found to be most effective in creating a safer and more focused browsing experience for students? How have these solutions helped you manage devices, maintain compliance, and protect student data?

I appreciate any suggestions or insights you can provide.

Thank you!

I think encouraging students to use Brave is a very powerful tool. If you can work with the school’s sysadmins, you might see if they can set up more stringent content filtering on their network using something like PiHole. All you really need is a piece of gear to run it on as the local DNS server. Block ad servers, junk sites, and anything else that isn’t wholesome. You can grab a large /etc/hosts file off GitHub with a quick web search, and use that. Tweak it however you need after that!

The docker version is super-easy to deploy, and works very well. Haven’t used it in enterprise, but it runs on my home network!

Honestly check out the new Bing. UI/UX + AI tools just hit it out of the park. It has a focus mode for reading not sure if it locks down. It extracts just the text gets rid of the ads. It labels the nouns, verbs, adj. showing syllables changing color.

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