Website whitelist for young children (parental controls)


I’m looking for a browser that allows me to whitelist a few safe websites / ip addresses and block the rest, so I can step away from my kids at a computer and not worry about them going down a click-bait hole or watching inappropriate videos, etc.

It seems like this should be easy to implement and password protect (the filter list could live in a protected area of the system, e.g.), and it would definitely help a lot of people. It just does not exist anywhere and system-wide packet-filtering kills other necessary apps, like Teams (used to connect to school).

This doesn’t need to be fancy; even just a text file with something like


or something that, if present in /etc/whatever/the/path.cfg or (ideally) a password-protected location, would act as a filter for outbound requests; this could be checked on the app’s first load. This only has to be clever enough to block a 5 year old, not a full-fledged teenage hacker.

I have a plugin that does this, but it’s easy to disable plugins even by just clicking around randomly, or one can get around it by simply going private.


You might try an extension.
There are several to choose from, but here is one example.
Click ‘related’ for other choices.

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately the type of control you’re referring to is not the kind typically baked into a browser. There are many extensions that you can use (@Passenger shared an example above) that can help you here, but that type of explicit control across all sites is hard to manage in Brave (or any browser) out of the box.

One thing you could try, is disabling scripts for all sites using the global Shields settings (Menu --> Settings --> Shields --> Block scripts), then visiting the websites you’d like to allow your child to use, and allowing scripts in the Shields panel, which are only applied to the site level. However, again, this does not guarantee that the site itself will be “blocked”, it would just prevent the majority of content from loading correctly (if at all).

imo, you’re probably better off using a reputable parental controls browser extension or implementing your own rules on the network side of things using your modem/router.

You can use Yandex family dns

Or adgaurd family protection

See easy setup.

Or within Brave itself:

  1. brave://settings/security
  2. Use secure DNS
  3. With, CleanBrowsering (Family filter)
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