Change Privacy Security for Brave Browser

Dear Brave Browser,

Greetings, my name is Bad Karma and I’d like to let you all know that adding and improving a new feature such as Email Protection where it can block any users email trackers and hide their address from any platform app they use.

Especially an App Tracking Protection where it blocks any app trackers on the users device.

And users should be allowed to tap on the right side of the browser screen to see the privacy dashboard settings where they’ll be able to see the results of:

"Site Protection Enabled

Encrypted Connection

0 Trackers Blocked

Poor Privacy Practices

And last but not least

Unprotected Sites

Report Broken Site

Tracker Network Top Offenders."

People like you guys who uses google analytics aren’t really a well promised security company at all, so prove it to me right now that you’re willing to do so, thank for reading and hope you guys to respect people’s privacy rights for all email, address, and other platform apps we use on a daily basis.

Best Regards,

Bad Karma