Stopped receiving ads. Last ad 3 days ago!

I have a new problem. In addition to not receive ads anymore, I should receive the rewards today.

Till yesterday I had “next payment 6 April”. Today I have “next payment 6 June” (why June not May?) but I didn’t receive anything and the browser shows the old amount (you can see in my old picture in this thread).

What is happening??

Payout is currently processing, @kikkus.

Follow that post to watch for any updates posted by Support. Read it and check you have everything set up all right, and just wait a bit longer - it can take up to several days for some. Good luck!

Hi everybody. Perhaps the solution for you.

@saereV ok, it could take longer but why should I get the next payment in June and not may?
@Mysteryo who can i contact for checking my status?

You mean now versus May, right? Either way, you really shouldn’t (have to wait that long), but we have to give it time to finish processing and see what mess, if any, is left behind.

Support’s post (in my last post here), should be followed to watch for any updates from Support about this payout process, and to monitor the status (I believe green means ongoing, and red would signify finished). If you’re still not getting what you earned after the process has finished, you can then follow the instructions there on opening a dialogue/ DM with Support, including the info they request, and any other details you want to share with them. Hopefully, though, all will go smoothly :crossed_fingers:

same problem in desktop in india

You can contact @Mattches, he’s not always available but my feedback is nickel. :slight_smile:

Before, you must checking all of possible problem about ads appearing with him.


Thank you guys for the suggestions. I will wait a few days and I keep :crossed_fingers:

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I waited until the end of the payment.

My situation is:

Computer 1 - not connected to the wallet:
No ads from 1 month
No way to get the bat
Next payment in Juni

Computer 2 - not connected to the wallet:
No ads from 1 month
No way to get the bat
Next payment in Juni

Computer 3 - connected to the wallet:
No ads from 1 month
No payment received
Next payment in Juni

Computer 4 - connected to the wallet (same previous wallet ):
No ads from 1 month
No payment received
Next payment in Juni

@Mattches are all my computer banned or what?

Hi, @kikkus, have you started the process of trying to get your issue fixed - did you follow the instructions in steeven’s post?

I wrote because the payment have been completed. If it is needed to open a new topic, I will.

But where did you write? Here, do you mean? Or a DM to steeven?

I wrote here for not having double topics. Must I open a new topic?

@kikkus, no, no new topics, this one is active enough :upside_down_face:

Now, you need to follow the directions from that Payout Process post
Maybe this could help you…

…do you understand now?

EDIT: fixed image

I try to fill all the points :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!


You’re welcome, @kikkus :slight_smile:
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Same issue here. I use the android version. Since 2 days there are no ads.

still this issue
brave is a bit scammy on this point
i guess everyone should get an ad
and is not a software issue because reinstalling it fix the issue
i guess is brave that blocks some users even tho they don’t do anything wrong
@steeven probably could explain this behaviour
i’ve already tried both nightly and beta and both works for a while

i wouldn’t reccomend brave anymore
if someone want a browser for privacy could get ungoogled chromium or librewolf

brave have some great features but is not what it should be


3 ads since 01.04.21 new pc after change some win10 options (Notifications),
0 ads old pc, changes win10 was not needet.

cant find any problem that stop geeting ads

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