Not getting ad notifications

I haven’t received an ad from Brave in last 10 days even when I browse all the time. I have checked all the settings and I can’t find any problem with them.


Same problem for me.

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Same. I’ve checked everything but since almost a month now I only got 8 notifications, all from BAT community and 5 rejected. I’ve never seen any ad poping …

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It’s been around 3 1/2 months for me not receiving any ads/BAT. I don’t know what is wrong, but, this is kinda annoying knowing that my BAT has stopped and I will no longer accumulate anymore BAT.

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I’m from Portugal and I haven’t received a single ad ever, I used Brave for 6 months and uninstalled it because of this, it’s just glorified chrome with pre-installed add-ons.

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