Stop continuous reloading

The browser continually reloads pages, even when just switching between tabs. Any data saved by blocking trackers is negated by these continuous reloads. There isn’t even an option to stop a page loading anymore. Im not understanding why all of the data need to be refetched when i am just going from one tab to another. The additional time for reloading makes browsing unpleasant. Is this something that can be changed with a setting?

Brave 1.26.74

A10S, Samsung… however it happened with other models as well.

I don’t know if this is supposed to be a feature, a bug or if it is just an oversight but it is bad for the end user. Is there anyway to stop this?

Hey @smma ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

This feature is meant to save on your device’s resources; it was available but has since been removed by the chromium team (which Brave is based off).

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Im not really sure i understand this response. You mean that the page reload is to save system resources, i got that part… but i don’t understand the second bit.

I assume you are saying there is no way to disable it?

Why try and preserve temporary resources at the expense of cost per byte data? That makes no sense. There should be an option to disable or the ‘feature’ should be removed. Reloading pages also uses a lot of memory…

This makes going between tabs a misery. I may uninstall it because i find myself getting angry when i use it now, who needs that over a browser. i really would like to understand the thought process behind it because i’m at a loss.

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