Still missing my BAT

Although I have received some BAT from my Brave Dev from my Brave normal version and from my android I have not received anything. From My Dev version I got less that what I was expecting from my normal version I got nothing nor I had a claims button appear and from my android I got the claim button clicked it but didn’t receive anything. All are updated to the latest versions. Please advise! Ps: I have also reported that on the February Megathread but I got no response or direct reply.

Hi @DrYunani - thanks for writing in. I’m having a hard time tracking and want to make sure that I understand your issue correctly.

Is this a correct summary?

Brave Dev - you have received some but not all of the BAT that you were expecting?
Android - the claim button is not working?
Release version - Have you KYC’d and connected to Uphold?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steeven.
So it is like this:

Brave Dev got BAT but I think I got less than I should have.
Android : I clicked the claim button nothing came to uphold
Normal version, nothing came using the same uphold as Dev version.

Thanks a lot and let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

Ps: No claim button in Dev and Norm versions. Dev comes automatic to uphold.
Ps2: Same uphold in android as well.

Hi Steeven,

I also noticed that the Dev has as a payout date the 6th of the month while the normal version has the 5th.

Thank you


How do I KYC in uphold if it doesn’t recognize nor png nor jpg files and the alternative camera app keeps on spinning?


I have no idea I guess you can try pdf format? But why don’t you get in touch with uphold as it is their KYC procedure.

Hi Steeven,

Did you manage to find the problem?
Anything I have to do to fix it?

Thank you

Re: Android, the claim button, was that for a grant?

Re: Dev and Release, the BAT that you got, is it from viewing Ads?

I never received a grant. All is from viewing ads. Note that in a previous discussion I was asking about it as although it was from viewing ads it was showing in the android brave as a grant. Also in the main page it was shown as grant and in the detailed it was giving the list of ads. I was told then that this was a bug and it would be fixed.

Dear Steeven,
For your information, today in my mobile the claim button appeared again. I clicked it and nothing really happened. I also notice that it shows a wrong amount of my uphold wallet balance! Please note that I only have setup one uphold account that I use in all my browsers. My uphold balance is a bit over 29 BAT and in my mobile it shows 3.3 BAT. It is also impossible to click on the wallet and go to the uphold account using my mobile version like I do with the mac versions. Today I received some BAT it looks like it is from the normal version as in my DEV version the pending amount has not changed! Honestly the rewards section is a mess. As a user I don’t have reliable information on the amount I will receive at the end of the month ( don’t know how much it is from ads appearing or how much it is for clicking on them etc). I also don’t know the amount I receive in my wallet where is it coming from? From which browser. I truly believe that the estimated amounts should be changed to fix amounts as nobody can do any manipulation or actually anything at all with this information. It is rather simple in my opinion as the browser can easily calculate the amount each time an ad appear and if it has been clicked or not and show a full history of it. It will make things a lot more transparent and increase the reliability of the browser. Please do let me know if you need further information in order to be able to track my browsers and fix it? Thank you Gabriel Ps: I now have in a MacBook pro a dev version and a normal version. In an iMac a normal version and in my Huawei Mate 9 an android version.

Hi @DrYunani - please see number 2 on this post - A quick note concerning this month's ad earnings payout email and estimated earnings.

Can you clarify on what happened when you clicked the claim button on mobile?

Nothing I clicked it and just the button disappeared. I’m attaching a screen shot. Notice that the although the BAT is declared as earned by ads it is in the Grants menu. I also think that the amount is not correct and missing some BAT not much but missing.

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