Starting/lunching Brave in Tor Mode from a Desktop Shortcut

Is there a code to be added to Brave desktop shortcut to lunch Brave into Tor mode directly?

I add --incognito to the end of Brave desktop shortcut command line to lunch Brave into Private mode so I am looking for something similar to lunch Brave into Tor mode.

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As I like what they are doing with adding the Tor Browser option I can’t help but think that it isn’t as beneficial as many people would believe.

So Tor works by routing your traffic through various entry and exit points so by the time you go to the website your IP Address isn’t your own address. Similar to a VPN however anyone can host a Tor Node on their machine.

This in lies the problem. Many Nodes are perhaps government run. So if 1 agency has access to both the entry and exit nodes then your anonymity is gone as they can track the IP’s back to your origin.

Everyone has their own Threat Level of which they decide how buttoned down they may be when it comes to privacy and security. But I have to say the Brave Browser used alongside a good VPN may be better off then using a Tor version.

I also think that some people are under the impression that Tor resolves any need for further security.

Just my input. But yes I can see how having a dedicated always launch Tor or Privacy mode would be nice for those that use them as daily drivers.


Hi @ebnkimi,

Not yet supported (re: launch Brave in Tor mode). We’ve an issue logged to add the functionality.


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