[Does Anyone Know] How to Open a new private 'Tor Window' from the command line in Windows?

Hi, I’d like to open a new private ‘Tor Window’ from the command line in Windows 10.
Is this possible? and if so, what is the syntax?

I’m running the latest Brave stable release version…
Many Thanks! -JT :slight_smile:

Sadly there is no way to do this atm. You can see this issue here:

Taken from the issue:

To enable Tor you have to:

  1. Start brave manually or by CLI brave-browser --incognito (here in incognito mode) ;
  2. Hit Alt+Shift+N (Linux user) ;
  3. Close previous window.

Where brave-browser --incognito --tor should work.

Thanks for the info/reply, Mattches :slight_smile:
I’m glad to see that it’s on the backlog at least!

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