Change Tabs so Tor will be As default

Is there a way to make Brave Browser launch with the New Private Window with Tor when I start it? Rather than having to go manually open it in the menu?

Thanks for the response in advance.

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@Ariell It helps if you specify which OS and all when you post. Also to make sure you’re properly choosing the correct category. Like this should be posted at #support-and-troubleshooting

If I make an assumption you’re on Windows, then the answer is I don’t think that you can do it from a quick launch icon. However, you can create a Desktop shortcut that will work. Create a shortcut on your desktop, right mouse click on it, go to Properties, then add a space followed by -tor at the end of the Target. Example is below:

May go without saying, but you do need to make sure you have Private with Tor enabled under brave://settings/privacy. Doing this, when you open Brave using that shortcut, it will open like below:

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