Start Menu: Most Visited sites from private window

Even when browsing using the private window, and after all history, cookies, etc., have been erased, the Windows 10 start menu still lists several of the sites that you visited when you have Brave selected in the start menu under “Most visited.”

  1. Open a private browser and go to a few different websites.
  2. Exit the browser and be sure to clear all browsing data.
  3. Open the start menu pressing the Windows key, type “Brave” so that the Brave Browser is selected. You will see on the right, under Most visted sites, some of the sites that you just visited.

Expected result: There should be no sites listed from private browsing in the start menu.

Brave Version( check About Brave):1.8.96.

I am not able to reproduce this issue. I launched a Private Window, loaded 3 tabs to, browsed around each one of them, and then closed 2 of the tabs. I then followed your steps, but did not see any instances of in the Recently Closed section.

Regarding the “Most visited” section, is it possible you’re visiting sites in a Private Window that you commonly visit in a standard Window? As such, the URLs/sites shown are from your Standard browsing, as opposed to your Private browsing?

Hi don’t believe so. But even if I did, why would those sites still show up under the Most Visited section even after clearing my browser data?

Excellent point, I just opened Brave Nightly, deleted all history (Ctrl+Shift+Del) and confirmed that Windows was still showing those sites. I’ve filed an issue to track this. Thank you!

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