Remove Most Visited & Recently Closed from Right-Click

Is there a way to remove the “Most Visited” and “Recently Closed” context menus from right-clicking Brave on the Taskbar? I’d rather it not be tracking & listing my browsing here.

I’m aware I can individually right-click on the items and “remove from this list”, but that won’t stop them coming back in future.

I’m not sure if it’s working for Win7, but please try steps mentioned here Disable most visited and recently closed context menus

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Solved, thankyou! Simply turned off this setting:

IE and other browsers never really made use of that to show browser history, it seemed to just be for office files and other apps, didn’t thin Brave would use it to show browsing history!

Either way it’s sorted now, right clicking only shows the “Tasks” options. Thanks!

EDIT: Bah, the problem is turning off this option also removed ALL recent documents from all programs, and also the start menu! (As it says).

So where I previously was able to go to Start > Documents, and see all my recently opened docs, I can’t anymore as Windows is no longer tracking them. Shame it’s all or nothing.