Wallet & BAT ...wait and a little luck

Long time using Brave, but “most secure browser” can’t guard my rewards.

I thought it would change over time, first it was the slot limit, and now the regions.

At first it was understandable that it was not feasible to pay an ETH fee for the tokens.

But folks, that was a long time ago, today we have BAT on Harmony, Polygon, Avalanche, etc.
Then the Brave wallet arrived, I thought it would be the solution, but nothing changed that a Brave wallet is useful to me if I can’t even save the browser’s own tokens there.

My intention is not to withdraw and sell, my intention is not to lose what I have earned once again, I must get used to my PC malfunctioning so as not to lose the rewards.

I only see 2 possible reasons, limit the sale of the token or play with the bad luck that we have with our devices, and those BAT will never be paid.

I hope there will be a solution one day, but what sense does it make, some regions have privileges, or limitations of the exchange, well there are many options that can be applied :man_shrugging:


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Please see: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Wallet-support-FAQ#why-cant-my-wallet-receive-my-rewards-how-about-tipping-from-my-wallet


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