Sponsored Images are worth half now?

After the third consecutive day I’m very frustrated to notice the default value of Sponsored Images (new tab ads) just fell from 0.01 to 0.005 BAT.

Really hope it’s a temporary adjustment.

it varies with the available promotions at the time. you can check the current campaigns in your region here


Yeah, I’m aware of this link.

It happens the “default” new tab ads value seems to have changed, remaining at 0.005 for the third day in a row.

Maybe it’s related to the recent BAT increase but cutting half the ntp ad value is a lot

How much is it paying in your region right now?

They didn’t fall. The average ad has been paying 0.005 for a while now. Ad prices vary on advertiser. We get anywhere between 0.001 and 0.01 per ad.

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I’m relatively new to all of this… Been learning and observating the rewards behavior for the past 2 months and since then almost every NTP advertiser was paying 0.01. It looks like a change of direction, at least in my region.

I hear you, but it’s nothing new. I guess best way is to show you links below:

So the above is staff addressing and explaining. But then if you look hard enough, you’ll find tons of posts from users always saying things are changing.

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Don’t get me wrong, they have changed over time, but this is because BAT value increased. So like back in the beginning of 2020, BAT was only exchanging for around $0.20 per BAT. So of course they were willing to pay 0.05 and sometimes up to 0.5 BAT each.

The prices fluctuate and so it’s harder to know what to give. For example, over the past year, BAT has climbed as high as $1.93 per BAT and dropped as low as $0.43 (rounded up) per BAT.

However, it’s been averaging $0.80 or so lately. So they are essentially paying us based on that. So when BAT value is lower average, we get more BAT. When BAT value increases, we get less. It’s still around the same monthly pay.

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And again to highlight differences, here’s a screenshot of my earnings and all from 2020. You’ll see the BAT each month is much higher than we get now, but if you look at the $ amount it is equal to, it’s the same or less earnings back then compared to now.

Now you will see a small change in that I switched to iPhone, so I don’t use my Android for much anymore. So its monthly payments decreased. But you’ll see even at that, it’s not a significant change really.

They include transfers to my bank and all. So pay attention to whether it’s BAT or not. If you see pure cash value, then that just was me moving my balance at the time. In 2020 I was actually homeless while trying to get on disability. So I was draining the balance quickly to try to get food and all. Anyway, just mentioning this as seeing things like the $18.31 and all might confuse some people. So yeah, check for Received BAT areas. Guess also should mention that May 2020, they had issues with payments so you see me receiving some past due in that same month, hence the multiple balances received.

Thanks for all the explanation, @Saoiray.

I do see now its value really fluctuates a lot over time.

It’s back to 0.01 now, likely due to the BAT value drop.

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