Spell check dictionary download failed

Description of the issue:
The setting for downloading the dictionary file indicates that the file cannot be downloaded and suggests that my firewall might be blocking Brave’s servers. I can’t find the addresses of Brave’s servers so I cannot determine if my firewall is blocking them.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.I get the same result each time I click on the “Retry” button.

2.I have uninstalled and reinstalled Brave with same results.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Hi @WildBillLyle, Welcome to Community!
What languages are you trying to add/download?

English. This is not an additional language. I just installed Brave and encountered the issue immediately.

Doug Lyle

I have the same problem. Just added Brave to new computer. Turned off firewalls. No luck. Is it a bug?

I assume so. Based on other user complaints, it’s been around for well over a year. Seems like it should have been fixed by now.

FWIW, I’m experiecing it too and I don’t see my FW blocking anything.

I noticed on another thread where they talk about changes in a host file but I’m not sure what a HOST file is. And of course, the commenting is closed on that thread…

This is annoying. Makes me wanna go back to using Chrome. Any way to complain directly to Brave developers?

Are you using a VPN or any anti-virus software?

I use McAfee antivirus software.

Doug Lyle

Can you try disabling McAfee and re-adding the language/dictionary?

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is no work, i disable vpn and again get it. no can download dictionaries.

Same issue. Disabled windows defender and uninstalled antivirus, reset / deleted and replaced host file with stock (no entries), same problem. Can’t figure it out.

maybe break link in config :thinking:

It didn’t help. Download still fails.

New installation, Windows 10.

I also have this problem, exactly as described here. It persists even when turning firewall etc. off.

I have an update for everyone here - the team is aware and is working to resolve the issue.

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It looks fixed now. Spell check is working.

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So I did an experiment. I uninstalled Brave, and I uninstalled Chrome. (I had installed Brave then, trying to fix the Brave dictionary issue, I had installed Chrome with no success.) After uninstalling both, I rebooted, then downloaded and installed chrome, then downloaded and installed Brave in that order. Spellcheck and Dictionary in Brave now work. Seems Brave must use the dictionary from Chrome.

So I did the control experiment. I did nothing, and did more nothing. (I had previously done nothing, trying to wait for Brave developers to be geniuses, I had waited with partial success.) After doing nothing, I went to sleep a few times, then did more nothing, nothing… and more or less in that order. Spellcheck and Dictionary in Brave now work. I don’t know anything else.

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