Sound stopped working only on brave

The sound on brave has stopped working. It works in other browsers. Sound works everywhere except brave.

Same for me… I don’t know what’s going on… my sound works normal on other browsers, and when I connect my laptop to bt speaker and play sound on brave it works also, but when it’s not connected there’s no sound, also there’s no sound on my earplugs when it comes to brave… Did you maybe find the solution?

I have this same issue. It was working fine until recently. Coincidentally(?), when I got a new Toshiba TV that I’m running the HDMI output. I did extensive playing around with the TV, but found that other browsers (Edge, Chrome) have no problems with audio. First video on Youtube plays, but any subsequent action (including pausing/resuming) stops all audio output from the Brave browser for every site visited thereafter.

Also having this problem. No audio for videos (Youtube, Vudu, etc) at all.

This is only an issue with my laptop. The mobile version on my phone plays audio normally.

I completely uninstalled the browser twice (and deleted browser data), but it didn’t help.

Hi guys. I had th same issue that someone helped me to solve on this forum. Try this solution : NO SOUND : only on Brave, when using laptop speakers

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