Sound Notifications are annoying - how can I make them stop (Win 10 notifications are off)

Brave keeps making notification sounds every ten minutes. I have disabled all notification sounds in Windows 10, but the browser still makes the sound.
This can be reproduced by just waiting. About every ten minutes (average) the notification sound goes off and a new number appears next to the lion’s head in the browser bar.

My expected result is for Brave to be quiet. It’s annoying, especially when in Zoom meetings.

Version 1.37.116 Chromium: 100.0.4896.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

There is nothing in the settings that will allow me to disable the notification sound. Every time I find the topic, it’s “closed 30 days after last reply”. That is not helpful when the solutions given don’t work for me. So here I am, adding the same question again, just so I can get further information.

Id start with this first.

As stated in my original post…all Windows 10 notifications are turned off.

I only get the dings when Brave is open and when it happens, the number next to the lion head changes. It seems Brave is making the noise.
Brave zzz keeps dinging

Brave has no setting to silence the little lion up in the corner.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I turned off all notification sounds in Windows 10 and the notification is at the top of the browser, not in the system tray.

I do appreciate your help, but I need a solution for Brave.

Hello @clogva1

first the lion icon (the shield) does not make any sound when it block any thing

are you sure the sound come from brave and if yes?
does it happen for all sites you visit?
does it happen in private mode ?
if yes could you disable all extension and clear your cache and see if it help

if that did not help could you go to menu and create new profile and close the old one then keep using this new one without changing any setting or installing any extension and notice if you have the same issue

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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It happens even if Brave is the only program running on my computer. As I said, all sounds are turned off in Windows 10. The sound happens and the lion head gets a new number next to it. It’s either the rewards or the shield. This has never happened with any other browser and I’ve used Duck Duck Go, Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Edge. If I sign out, all my bookmarks for work will disappear.

Okay, mine does not and I think I know your issue. In the notification and action center, scroll down to brave and click on it.

Then turn off sound notification.

If you’re still getting a sound, it should not be Brave. I get pop-ups all the time for Brave ads. Never a sound. Let me know.
Also may not hurt to turn off the counter for Brave shields where it says Look and Feel

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could you double check what @Herrvader said and if it did not help could you answer my previous questions
also the lion icon or the reward icon does not make sound only the notification make sound and what @Herrvader suggested should silent it

sign out from what?

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You said to sign out and come back in under a new profile. I imported all of my bookmarks from Chrome because I am subscribed to lots of courthouses and tax sites that I need for work.

Brave is not listed there.

i only asked to create new profile and close other window and use that new profile for while to see if it work or not so we can see if the issue in your old profile or something else

also you did not answer all other question

It came from Brave.
It happens randomly.
I haven’t tried private mode.

could you try the private mode and see if it help

and if not what happened with the new profile

Created a new profile and all my bookmarks are gone. (Yes, I know I can switch to the old profile and even if I couldn’t, I know how to import them). We’ll see about the sound.

Still got the sound. Next I’ll try closing Brave and see if it happens.

there strange think first you do not have brave in the notification settings

could you restart your whole computer ?

your bookmarks are still in the old profile the new one just for testing

That caught my eye as well. I’m just tagging along for the ride at this point and will stop interacting. I will continue to follow though as I’d like to see the solution when found.


@clogva1 ,

In your reply 5, you wrote:

“It’s either the rewards or the shield.”

Re the Brave Browser Shields [Lion] icon . . .

The number that is within a tiny circular object, attached (at approx. the 2:30 o’clock position) to the Brave Browser Shields [Lion] icon, indicates items detected by Brave Browser Shields.

The number of such items, may vary, as

  • connections are upgraded to HTTPS

  • items continue to download from the Internet, to Brave Browser, and some such items are blocked.

Depending upon website servers’ duties, an Internet browser may continue to receive files for various purposes, even though your perspective is, that the website appears to be stable (no more significant rendering by the Internet browser).

A website server may have the responsibity of polling (similar to PING’ing) the Internet browser, as a method for maintaining some proof that the session connection between web server and Internet browser window (or tab) is probably reliable.

Polling may occur every few seconds, or a variation of polling every few minutes.

Your, taking the time to study and observe:

  • Brave Browser > Developer Tools > Network tool

  • Brave Browser > Task Manager (match Process ID (PID) to Windows Task Mgr)

  • Windows OS > Task Manager (match Process ID (PID) to Brave Browser Task Mgr)

  • Windows OS > Event Viewer

. . . will probably illuminate the type(s) of item(s) that is/are downloading, in addition to revealing what may be a particular process (in those two Task Manager windows) that may be a cause for a sound.

Possibly, some particular type of item being downloaded from a web server, has a characteristic that is literally ringing a bell within some of the older code of Blink, Chromium, or Brave.

Re Bookmarks

Routinely make manual backups of your Bookmarks files.

Windows OS location of Brave Browser installation:

64 architecture

C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe

x86 architecture

C:\Program Files(x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe

Windows OS location of the Brave Browser BraveSoftware folder (all 3 paths are essentially the same):

%LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\

C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\

IMPORTANT: Routinely back up the BraveSoftware folder. I recommend using WinZip or 7-Zip, in order to make .zip compressed files as backups, and I suggest GoodSync as an application for scheculed backups, too.

Meanwhile, also routinely Export Bookmarks, using the Brave Browser > Bookmarks Manager.

Re Observing Activity, Performance, Tasks

Requires study.

Using as tools that help you to see all of the processes involved – whichever of the following are available on your computing device:

  • OS Actvity Monitor
  • OS Task Manager
  • Brave Browser Task Manager
  • OS Performance Monitor
  • OS Resource Monitor

. . . and using for guidance:

Multi-Process Model Background

To understand Chromium’s memory usage, let’s understand the multi-process model. Unlike other browsers, Chromium is divided into multiple processes. When Chromium starts up, it will initially have two processes. One process is the browser process which controls the main browser functionality, and the other is the initial renderer process , which runs the Blink rendering engine and JavaScript (V8). Each time you open a new tab in Chromium, you’ll likely get a new renderer process. With typical browsing, it is common to see 5-7 chrome.exe processes active. Further, if you utilize plugins, apps, or extensions, they may also execute within independent processes. All of Chromium’s processes, whether it is a browser process, a renderer process, or a plugin process, will show under the Task Manager as “chrome.exe”.

How to use Developer Tools

Windows OS has a diagnostic tool named “Event Viewer”. How to get it started and some basics about its use, are at;

There is a main window for the application. The particular events of interest re your issue, would show in the Custom Views > Administrative Events as depicted in the illustration:

Do not be alarmed by the “Error” and “Warning” labels. With experience, using Event Viewer, one sees such alarms, often.

The object of the exercise – if you choose to take a look – is to be prepared and have that Event Viewer window open and in a location within your computer display, so that you can observe events that are being listed, while you are also using Brave Browser.


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