How to disable Brave Rewards ad notification sound alert?

Brave Rewards notification makes a really loud sound and i cannot disable it.

  1. receive brave rewards ad notification
  2. very loud noise will start
  3. there is no option for notification alerts in settings

how to turn off the notification sound alert? this issue makes it very hard to use this browser at school, libraries and at night, because you cannot control the sound alert settings. please add a silent mode or explain how to disable the sound alerts

Version 1.16.68 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hello @hyperx

i never get any sound for any notifications related to brave ads

so it windows option i assume you use windows 10

check this one to disable the sound of it

hope that help and have a nice day

hello, thank you for the tip, but this does not help me the way i wanted. this way it is only possible to turn off ALL notifications from brave browser, but i only wish to turn off the Sound from the Ad notification

when you get insdie Notifications & actions section click on the app it will open the other option for that certain app to turn off the notification sound as in this picture

and there another option to disable all sound for all notification

check this part

How to disable sound for notifications using Control Panel

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Came here to say what @justsomeone1 suggested – you should be able to modify notification behavior on a per-app basis to achieve what you’re looking for.

yes huys i can turn off the sound for all notifications, but i still would like to have sound notification from some websites i use. i just want to get rid of the brave rewards notification sound, not ALL of the sounds from ALL notification in brave browser. the way it is right now i have to use a SECOND browser just to hear notifications UNRELATED to brave rewards Ads

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Apologies for misreading your question – I see what you’re asking now. I don’t think there is a way to do this but I’m going to ping the team and confirm.
Since we leverage the OS notification system, any Notification specific settings will be handled on the OS side (as opposed to inside Brave).


yes, thank you. evenn if this is not currently an option, it is a good upgrade to the notification settings inside brave app. you can choose which sites you allow notifications from, but they do not give you the possibility to choose how you receive those notifications specifically per website, maybe for example i would like to get sound on my email notification but only a banner for facebook, and so on

It appears I was correct that there is no way to do this at this time.
That said, if you feel strongly about it, I would recommend leaving us a feature request here on Community or on our Github for the developers to consider.

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