Sound isn't working

Today, Wednesday, January 12th
I decided I wanted to watch a tv show on the brave browser. I had just came back from watching a YouTube video from one of my favorite ccreators. I found this tv show I wanted to watch and to my surprise, the audio wassnt working. So I assumed it was the site, maybe I’ve accidentally muted it, maybe the servers weren’t working.

I debunked this theory when I went to another site and tried to watch something there, As implied, It was to no avail.

So I then assumed it was a problem with my headphones, so just like before I used a method to debunk this possibly aswell. Go back to YouTube. When I saw YouTubes audio (YouTube app) was working just fine I then assumed maybe the Bluetooth connection was “off” so I turned it off, turned it back on, reconnected my headphones, and tried again with brave

It didn’t work

But what did happen was, this time when I opened the tv show I wanted to watch, I heard distortion instead of words, distortion and static. Tried for another site, same happened there, but when I went to YouTube however, it worked just fine.

This is where I decided to come to the brave community, create an account and share this with you.


Brave version 1.34.80
Divice: Samsung S20 FE running Android 11

SHORT VERSION: audio was silent on brave but not on YouTube, I turned off my Bluetooth connection and reconnected to my headphones again but this time the audio was distorted and staticy, while YouTube was still working fine.

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