Sometimes scrolling a mousewheel zooms instead of scrolls

This comes and goes for some reason I can’t discern.

When scrolling a webpage in Brave with the scroll wheel of a mouse, occasionally it will zoom in or out of the page instead of moving the page up or down. Holding down Ctrl + Scroll results in the previously normal behavior of the scroll wheel on a webpage, which makes me think that perhaps the keyboard shortcuts have changed.

Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon

Kernel 6.5.0-27-generic

Minimizing and maximizing Brave stops this from occurring.

If I am in a page on Startpage search engine, I press ctrl, let go of ctrl, then use the scroll wheel on my mouse then it switches from scroll up/down to zoom in/out.

This is if I press ctrl for any other keyboard shortcut, or with left click.


Looking at this page, it seems that Ctrl + Scroll your mouse is zoom in/out. However, I am not pressing those two together; it occurs any time after I press ctrl and then let go of it.

The only way to undo this is to minimize and then maximize the window.

It seems that Brave is queuing keystrokes in anticipation of commands, and then not clearing this queue when the rest of the command does not occur - at least in regards to the ctrl key.


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