Zooming/ Using Cntrl +scroll(ing)

Description of the issue:
so the thing is kind of weird, as long as i remember i used to be able to zoom in and out of the page using cntrl+scroll, and i think i still can on windows, but suddenty recently i have noticed that on my Pop!_OS 20.04, this function is not working and i thought at first it may be from the system but firefox worked fine with it and my document viewers do the same and it’s only brave, it’s not from the system, i looked at brave settings and searched the zoom keyword and i couldn’t find anything there either to such a specific issue.

Pop!_OS, Brave Version 1.24.82

it works fine with an external mouse and scrolling using mouse wheel while holding Ctrl, rather my problem was with scrolling with touch pad and two finger scrolling gesture.

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