Why can't I scroll by pressing the mouse wheel at linux?

I was used to scrolling while reading an article by pressing a mouse button. By pressing the button, a scroll symbol appeared on the screen and then by moving the mouse (no longer pressing) it was possible to scroll. This doesn’t work for me in Brave for Linux. Do I need to activate this feature somehow? Please advise.

I believe the default behavior in browsers for many Linux distributions is that the middle click pastes information from the clip board (not positive about this though).

I know that Firefox has an option to enable the feature but I do not believe Chrome/Chromium (and subsequently Brave) have such an option.

I think in order to work around this, you’ll need to use an extension that allows this functionality. I’ve asked our Linux team members to see if there is any other work around for this but I believe this is your best option at this ttime.

Thank you for the information. I will try to search the system settings to see if this can be changed. Installing extensions because of this functionality does not seem appropriate to me and I will use firefox to read articles for now. Maybe your Linux team will be able to remove this limitation in the future. Thank you for your time and great Brave project.

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