"Something went wrong please try again"

“Something went wrong please try again”
I keep getting this error when trying to connect my Brave browser on my Android phone to my Verified Uphold wallet, this has been going for months. please help


The post below is from another community member. You should try what he suggests and see if that works.

@Chocoholic it worked! Thank you so much!
just a follow-up question, how can I transfer Brave rewards to Uphold account?

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So glad it worked! :smiley:

BAT from Brave Rewards will transfer automatically to your verified Uphold account. You should be receiving payout status messages for March already. If your BAT “disappears” for a while, just be patient and wait to see if it is deposited in your Uphold account. Sometimes it takes a while.

And just so you know, this is not based on experience, I don’t use an Android device or Uphold. Information provided from reading other topics posted within the community. :smiley:

I think similar problem but not solved by logging into Uphold independently. I try, get to Uphold and receive a “Reauthorize Brave” prompt, and when I do that I get the “Something went wrong” response.

Brave on my android phone continues to show that it is logged out of Uphold and nothing seems to be able to log it back in.

Curiously, I did receive a deposit of BAT into the uphold account, but it’s frustratingly difficult – i.e., impossible – to determine whether that deposit is from the android phone or another connected device.

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