Some questions about the rewards

Hello support team
I was connected to uphold and see the ads and click
then can u please help me abut these questions:
1- When I will get my $5?
2-Can I install brave on my mobile too and get additional $5?
3- In a office 15 users uses same WiFi, then If all of them install brave with my referral code, I will get $5 for each of them?
4-I was visited the ads, but why don’t see any BAT in my wallet?

cc @Asad for assistance here.

I don’t see any reply
Can you please help me more

Check out for a fuller explanation of how the referral system works.

You won’t get $5 yourself just for installing and using Brave; you only get a reward by referring OTHER people. The referral program is active on mobile, yes. Anyone who you share your install code with and uses Brave for 30+ Days will generate a $5 BAT reward for you.

Ads payouts are still processing and if you joined the program recently there’s going to be a small delay for your payout. Please be patient and hang in there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Asad for your help
Can u please help me about these questions too:

1- How can I see my BAT balance for ads viewed?
2- Os possible to send my income to other wallets like Binance?


May I ask you help me faster please


Hi @managermd you can see your ad earnings by looking on the brave://rewards page in your browser.