Is it that I can only get 5$

Please I want to know if it is only $5 you guys pay for every body no matter your referrals and browser mins you get.
I am new and I have not been confirmed for the rewards whyv

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See and let me know of its still unclear.

Please read me .
I am from Nigeria
I got referred to brave by 3days ago and I have referred 5 persons I have a minimum of 3mins estimated usage .
So I asked a friend that how do you guys pays tell me
Because I am not seeing my balance in my bat wallet.
And is it that after your usage of the browser for 30 days and I get 10 referrals so you guys will just pay me 5$ for all those please explain to me the more

The amount of payment per user is depend on your refferals region, from 1 dollars to 7.5 dollars.
Your referrals must be use Brave in 30 days. I am not sure you are got pay your referrals if they use Brave only 3 minutes.
In your publisher account you can see the number of downloads with your referral link. If they use Brave 30 days, you will be knowledged in that page again.

See without referrals if I use the browser for 30 days 22 hours is it just $5 u will pay me let me know

BAT - basic attention token
brave rewards user for their attention via brave rewards
brave users get privacy respecting ads pushed to their devices
upon watching those ads users are rewarded for their attention in BAT
accumulated Bat from ads are deposited to wallet or uphold 6th of every month

if the browser is used for 30 days 22 hours it will for sure block tens of thousands of ads and tracker networks on the web leading to faster loading responsive webpages
if brave rewards is enabled then one will also get privacy respecting ads and 30 days 22 hours is enough to accumulate some BAT


Okay so the number of ads brave block and time estimated is what brave pays you

get through these


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