Some Fraudsters Buying and selling Gemini and Uphold accounts for BAT token withdrawal

some Fraudsters Buying and selling Gemini and uphold accounts for bat token withdrawal

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he doesnt have any evidence and how is this related to brave rewards.
he is an idiot

Are you blind ? Check screenshots

Are you blind ? Check screenshots .

@Rahuljg It looks like the scammers got upset with you :smiley:

are they selling foriegn accounts ?

what i meant to say is that , how is it related to brave rewards ?

Well, when you consider Brave Rewards gets linked to Gemini or Uphold in order to receive BAT and convert to cash…

These are people who were buying/selling accounts which would allow people to verify, even if they were in unsupported regions. It’s identity theft and one of the many issues that has been causing problems. For example:

So increased fraudulent activity resulted in that region no longer being able to connect to a custodial account.

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yeah i get it now , thanks . looks like lots of people in philippines and veitnam were selling accounts

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