Gemini wallet can't link to Brave (Philippines)

I’m from the Philippines and Gemini still can’t be linked to Brave. Is everybody still experiencing the same problem? How can we claim our remaining BAT from the browser?


same problem,… hassle to link wallets nowadays.

apparently we are banned to link wallets… but i want to know if this is temporary. because if it’s permanent, i would want to stop receiving ads because what’s the point :frowning:

lol my wallet just verified 2days ago… Most of users got same problem, for those using gemini wallet. No clear solution yet from brave end

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Gemini and Uphold ban connecting wallet from Philippines and Vietnam due to fraudulent activities. (it sucks but they ban all region not that fraudulent wallets)

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it reallyy sucks. is it just temporary?

here is the link on their announcement, there is no clear explanation when it will be lifted. :sweat_smile:

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