Still unable to connect Brave & Gemini

I cant still verify my accounts to Gemini.

My browse is up to date.

@Ray24 what region are you in? (where do you live?)

Southeast Asia. Philippines to be exact.

That might honestly be the issue. I’m waiting for @steeven to respond to messages I’ve sent a while back so I can verify if this is ongoing, but…

Ohh no. Is this for good until further notice?

I’m assuming temporary. This is one of the things I’m wanting to learn from Steeven. When I checked on websites like Uphold’s list of unsupported regions, they listed Vietnam but I didn’t see Philippines listed. So it has me confused and curious, but I’ve encountered many people now from Philippines who have had the exact same issue as you, which is why I’m beginning to ask all who speak of that error to advise what region they are in.

Thanks. I will just wait for Steeven feedback.

@steeven @Saoiray Hey guys, any news about this?

Even I am unable to verify it … I am from India

@Ray24 Nope. Last they messaged me was that they were reaching out to teams to find out. Never did contact again. I just sent a message back to @steeven to ask if he has any updates.

And as for me, y’all may notice I still am popping my head in here but not as many hours as I used to. I went and bought Elden Ring, which is now getting a lot of my time and attention, lol.

LOL. I guest I have to make this laptop alive as much as possible until PH is able to link to Gemini again.

even i am from india
and i am unable to verify my wallet
just like @Ray24

so sad to here that brother. I have almost 4 tokens just seating in my laptop waiting to be lost. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’m also having the same issue. From Philippines.

But if I use a vpn will that work?

I don’t think so, as they said it had to do with connecting to Uphold/Gemini. And for them, you’d have verified your real identity and location. So VPN wouldn’t change that. But I’m not 100% on that.

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