Some Brave settings are not synced (e.g. Wide Address Bar setting)

Description of the issue: Brave Browser does not sync certain settings. These settings include:

  • “Use Wide Address Bar” setting
  • “Hide Brave Rewards button”
  • “Allow Google Login for extensions” setting
  • All settings related to “Brave Rewards”, including “Maximum number of ads per hour”, “Auto-contribute”, etc.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Sync another new desktop Brave browser
  2. See that the settings mentioned above do not sync

Expected result: They should sync

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:


Only a limited scope of site settings are sync’d not all options under settings are sync’d between browsers. The settings that you are mentioning are independent to each profile and won’t sync. It has to be manually enabled.

I don’t quite understand why profiles are not synced, and why the settings I mentioned should be specific to profiles?

For instance, Google Login for Extensions is a profile setting, but Extensions are not?

I tried googling to understand what Brave Profiles are, but didn’t find anything. Could you direct me to the relevant pages?


I have a sync chain.

It syncs absolutely zero.

I’m fairly certain I’ve necessary flags enabled.

The chain is PC to Laptop to Smartphone.

Does sync work for you? On anything? Would appreciate your setup if you do have sync function.

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What, if anything, is syncing for you?

I’m updated across devices. I have achieved zero sync.

I understand that currently only bookmarks sync.

I have had no luck even with them.

I have no syncing of even bookmarks.

What am I missing?

Is there an updated guide I’m not seeing?

Can you please add details of the browser versions you are running and the device details?

Thats just how the sync feature is built on Chromium. Its not possible to have the same profile on two devices. Each profile on each device is independent. Sync only enables ability to have certain things to be sync’d across devices. The ones you are expecting are mostly UI based changes that are not expected to be same on all devices that are part of the sync chain.


  1. Laptop (Dell 3180) and PC(self build)
  • BOTH are Windows version 2004, OS Build 19041.541 w/ Feature Exp Pack 120.2212.31.0

  • Brave Nightly (use 99% & the chain origin, though I have your market version) Ver 1.17.3 Chr 86.0.4240.55, 64 Bit


  1. Enable Reader Mode
  2. Smooth Scrolling
  3. SMS Receiver Cross Device
  4. Experimental QUIC protocol
  5. Zero-copy rasterizer
  6. Tab Groups
  7. Tab Groups Collapse
  8. Parallel downloading
  9. Enable lazy image loading
  10. Google Password Manager UI
  11. Secure DNS lookups
  12. Enable SpeedReader
  13. Enable Brave Sync v2

All Defaults are vanilla, as are the browser settings with exception of Crypto Wallet (the browser MetaMask variant) being set for my “Ethereum provider for using Dapps.”

  1. Mobile Samsung J260
  • Android 9, Kernel 3.18.91-17671433, Build PPR1.180610.011.J260AUC

  • Brave 1.14.86, Chr 85.0.4183.127

Flags, if available, mirror those above. The settings are 100% vanilla.

Thanks for replying. If it’s not an easy fix, cycle me down. I’ve managed so far.

…but bookmark sync, by itself, would be sweet as pie (Dark Crystal reference).

I did the other evening.

Any who…

I just deleted my entire chain via browser UI.

I began in the reverse order which I started the chain.

So, phone>laptop>pc

Then, I decided to give it one more shot. I changed nothing.

Started the chain on the pc, then seeded the laptop, and scanned the phone

You know what?

I’ve attempted sync half dozen times with no success.


Yeah, I know it’s only Bookmarks, BUT ITS MY BOOKMARKS!

I feel like Scrooge in that one Duck Tales episode where he was bouncing on his head yelling, “A sea monster ate MY ice CREAM!”

I’ve attempted since Dec. '19.

Whatever you’re doing Brave Developers, keep doing it. Don’t stop. It’s working

@Frankguy Could you DM me the screenshot of brave://sync-internals from all the devices?

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