Sync settings within Sync Chain

It would be excellent to be able to sync applicable settings across all instances of Brave within your Sync Chain.

For example, if I set one instance to enable the wide address bar it would be nice for that to sync to the other browser instances, as well.


Sync is being actively worked on. They’re gonna take it on par with Chrome and Firefox. They need time tho

I hope they get Sync some priority. It is the one feature I been waiting on for two years and it the one feature thats keeping me from switching over fully.


Just to add to this, sync across desktop -> mobile apps is important too. Especially sync of the same rewards wallet!

I’m a brand new Chrome → Brave convert, and after feeding my Type A needs by setting up Brave with all my favorite settings, search engines, and extensions, I was very surprised to realize that only bookmarks are synchronized across instances. I now have Brave installed on four PCs and two Android devices, but until I spend the time/effort manually re-adding everything to the additional PCs, will likely only use Brave on my main PC for now.

Please consider reaching parity with Chrome’s sync capabilities a priority. I’m otherwise loving the new, more secure browser.

- Dave


Same here. Cant fully switch over without sync. I think they have taken forever to implement such a feature. I don’t think it’ll come anytime soon.

It should be their number one priority becuz sync is the feature which is preventing people from switching over.


A mí me encanta usar brave además de su privacidad y velocidad pero hay algo que sin ella no lo estoy utilizando y es la sincronización sin ella nada puedo hacer necesito constantemente sincronizar.
Apurense a arreglarlo gente amiga que tengo me dicen que no lo instalan por qué no pueden sincronizar, están perdiendo miles de usuarios

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Adhiero totalmente a este pensamiento, que lástima !!!