Sync is impossible for me to set up!

I’m trying to just set up a sync between my iMac & Macbook Pro, and it’s taking me round and round in circles. Each time I try to add the other computer, it gives me a new code, so I can’t ever put one in both devices!! Ive even tried deleting the Sync file on my laptop’s library, thinking it would put me back at a fresh start, and I can just input the code I got on my iMac, but it won’t do that, it insists on giving me it’s own code, so I now have one for each computer, instead of being able to use one on both!

So how do I remedy this? There must be some way to delete one of the codes, so I can then input the one on my iMac onto my Laptop, so they will finally sync.

Anybody? Any way to delete one of the codes, so I can sync both my devices?


Follow here and possibly we will be directed to Sync Success 2020:

I don’t know if you were just joking… I can’t make any sense out of all that he’s saying, plus, I’m using Macs, so it wouldn’t apply, even if I did understand it. :sunglasses:

I just deleted my entire chain via browser UI.

I began in the reverse order which I started the chain.

So, phone>laptop>pc

Then, I decided to give it one more shot. I changed nothing.

Started the chain on the pc, then seeded the laptop, and scanned the phone

You know what?

I’ve attempted sync half dozen times with no success.


Yeah, I know it’s only Bookmarks, BUT ITS MY BOOKMARKS!

I feel like Scrooge in that one Duck Tales episode where he was bouncing on his head yelling, “A sea monster ate MY ice CREAM!”

I’ve attempted since Dec. '19.

Whatever you’re doing Brave Developers, keep doing it. Don’t stop. It’s working.

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I’m assuming desktop includes Mac.

I’m using a desktop, how do I know if “Sync version 2” is included in 1.14.18? Cause it doesn’t seem like it’s working. Can I ask you how you deleted the entire chain? Not sure what “Browser UI” is… Cause that’s what I’ve been trying to do, so I could the sync process all over again.

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