(SOLVED) Unable to find server IP address of the www.youtube-nocookie.com

Hello there,
Each time I want to watch an embeed YouTube video in Brave Browser, the video is not showing and a message says “Unable to find server IP address of the www.youtube-nocookie.com
Any idea why knowing that I don’t have this issue with Firefox or Opera?

Shouldn’t this be youtube.com ?

works for me. I am assuming, that your DNS settings blocked that Website. (Might depend on your laptop, your router or your ISP (internet service Provider))

Ok but why it works with Firefox and Opera and not Brave?

Link to a broken embedded video on a webpage? also does it work in private window mode?

here for example…

Link to sample site?

Will fix it. Basically the site wrapped the embedded youtube clip in a cookie consent check. It was to the specific site, not every embedded youtube clip.

Give it 12hrs and it should be resolved

It is not only this website, videos display here for example

Issue is due to my VPN

just out of interest. what vpn did you use? (and to which country) Because I wouldnt use that vpn anymore, because if they are blocking webpages that means, that your traffic is being filtered (and worst case redirected to a phishing page)…

That’s the only thing which doesn’t work with my VPN…

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Clear your browser cache and cookies in Brave. Sometimes, a cluttered cache can cause issues like this.Disable any extensions or add-ons in Brave temporarily. Sometimes, they can interfere with how websites load.Make sure your Brave Browser is up to date. Outdated versions can sometimes have compatibility issues.If none of these work, it could be a specific setting in Brave that’s causing the problem. You might want to check Brave’s settings or even reach out to their support for more help.And hey, if all else fails, you could give the IP Stresser & IP Booter platform a shot. It might help you out in tricky situations like this.

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