Allow trackers from certain websites?

I’m making a script that allows me to post a game link into my localhost server and save it for my Twitch bot. Brave seems to be blocking the request to my server. I see the link coming up under “Cross-site trackers blocked”. Is there a way to allow a CORs fetch request without disabling ads in general too?

Adblocking filers may help you here. Go to brave://adblock and at the end of the page, you will find custom filters.
Rules which may be useful for you:$document

There is not much documentation about the Adblock filter in Brave that I could find. One of those will probably block, and one would allow site. See which one works for you.

If you are using local IP to host this then something like ##$document

Btw, I used this for rules, but something is probably different in Brave:

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The same filter rules apply in Brave as they do ABP in general.


Looking thought Shields/Ads and trackers. You can selectively do this for each blocked item in brave://adblock



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