[SOLVED] After re-installing Windows, Brave is REALLY slow

I had to re-install Windows the other day. Since then, Brave is REALLY slow. I do not have the issue with Chrome, so I doubt it’s the engine. Should I just un-install Brave and re-install it? I like brave, but can’t work like this.

Yes you could try reinstalling. Did you do a clean install of brave?

I did do a full and clean install of Brave by going to Brave.com and downloading it. I did the same with Firefox and Chrome as well. Neither of those have the issue, but brave is definitely “sluggish”.

Oh, and as a side note, I have fewer extensions on Brave than anything else. The only extension I have in brave right now is lastpass.

I finally found the Use Hardware Acceleration if available setting and turned that off…wow, what a difference that makes. That is extremely odd as I would expect it to be slower without hardware acceleration, but it’s back to normal.

For anyone else looking at this, I went to settings and then clicked on the Search button…typed in Use Hardware and it showed up. I “unchecked” this selection and clicked on Relaunch. Since then, Brave has been fine.

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